How To Feel The Surrounding Light

clip_image001A question I received: How can we feel the Surrounding Light between us and its influence?

My Answer: We can feel it by aspiring as much as possible to unite into one common desire – the vessel for the Light. The Light comes from one source, and we need to become similar to it.

On any given degree, when the Creator and the creature unite as one, a connection is made and a sensation arises. Therefore, we only need to wish to feel that we’re united together, and this will cause us to reveal the Light.

The Light does not change or shift; we, so to speak, “shift” it. We awaken the Light by heading toward it, and this causes its influence on us. We awaken ourselves in order to feel it, but nothing changes in the Light itself. Consequently, we reveal what has always existed. This constitutes our work.

For a person who aspires to the Creator, time does not exist. Such a person constantly reveals increasingly truer pictures in front of himself, while these pictures undoubtedly exist already. That is to say, first an inner informational gene (Reshimo) is revealed in a person, and then through his work he turns this Reshimo into a real picture.

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