The Zohar Changes Anyone Studying It

threat A question I received: Does reading The Zohar affect me even if I don’t feel it?

My Answer: You will soon feel that The Zohar is working on you, because this influence is very powerful. Let’s take a look at you after ten lessons; you will already feel very great changes happening in you.

First of all, your view of life and your entire life focus will change. What you do and do not pay attention to will shift; your inner sensation will become more self-absorbed and you will be more concerned with your attitude to others. Suddenly, you will begin to think and dream about various actions which you read in The Zohar and to imagine how they are connected to our world in a more internal manner. And there will be a multitude of other changes.

It is clear that The Zohar changes a person very much. It calms him down, making him more internal, serious, and goal-oriented. In this regard The Zohar affects a person in a very powerful manner. And it happens irrespective of how much a person understands; it depends on one’s efforts – how much he tries to comprehend what is written in The Book of Zohar.

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