The Darkness Supports The Light

darklight In preparation to The Zohar lesson, we have to attune ourselves so as to want to perceive, understand and feel The Zohar within us, inside our matter, so the Light will be revealed to us and we will open up as well, instead of being calmed by our fantasies. Besides, we shouldn’t forget that all the forms of the Light’s connection with the Kelim are attained inside our unity and connection, by restoring the connection among us in the place where it was broken.

Our Kelim are broken and we have to reveal the broken connection among us, as well as to feel how to correct it. The corruption as well as the correction are both inside of us, and both of these feelings must be expressed in us as darkness and Light. They have to define for us the forms of the letters, the form of our connection with and sensation of the Upper Level. The words express a special relationship between the broken Kli (vessel) and the corrected one. From these two forms one attains oneself, the Creator, the relationships between the two and the unity.

“Nothing disappears in spirituality” is a law which means that my previous, broken forms are revealed to me through my mistakes, transgressions, problems and obstacles; and they never disappear. This enables me to make efforts in order to reveal these things and to attract the Surrounding Light, which corrects what had occurred before.

However, the corruption remains inside me so that I would be able to build the correction above it. Both of these states have to exist. It’s impossible to have just serene perfection, since then I would not be able to feel or understand anything. The corruption always continues to exist, and the correction happens above it, but both of these states support one another. The darkness is below and the Light is above it, and this is what produces understanding and sensation within me, the relationships between myself and the Creator, as well as everything that follows from this.

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