Spirituality Is Right Here

Love is Providing Others With the Means to Fulfill Their Point in the Heart We yearn and desire to reveal everything inside our matter, inside our desire. But the surest place to reveal the breaking is in our attitude to our neighbors. If you want to find out what you have to correct and where to get the Surrounding Light, then start checking your relationships with the neighbor. You will soon see that this repels you and that you want to avoid this in every way possible; you constantly forget about it and don’t want to know about it. That is how you can immediately discover the place where the Light has to shine and  make a correction.

Spirituality is right here; it is right next to you! The place of the breaking is right here. This is so simple – the breaking is right in front of you and you can see and reveal it right now. But to correct it you have to imagine and envision it correctly, and understand what the corrected you has to be like. Try treating others with the same love that you treat yourself, no matter how repulsive, unwanted and inappropriate this seems to you. Then you will know how much you are repelled by spirituality, the Creator.

Nevertheless, we begin to change under the influence of the Surrounding Light and start to see everything differently. We start to understand that in reality there is greatness, unity and holiness concealed here. However, this change is impossible without the Surrounding Light.

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