There Are No Shortcuts Into The Spiritual World

Laitman_2008-11-14_7051 A question I received: If I come to know this entire world, then I’ll be able to earn all the money in the world and use it to disseminate Kabbalah to the entire humanity. As a result, the whole world will attain the spiritual world, myself included. Does it follow that I can use knowledge or even wealth to attain spirituality?

My Answer: Even if the whole world were to attain spirituality, you wouldn’t attain it along with them. You would need to exert efforts in accordance with the root of your soul in order to correct it. Otherwise you won’t gain the sense (vessel, Kli) to feel the spiritual world. The spiritual world cannot be served on a platter to anyone.

Even if everyone were to correct themselves and take you into the spiritual world with them, you would remain a mere dot among them, unable to sense anything. After all, you are in the spiritual world even now, surrounded by the World of Infinity, but you do not sense it because you don’t have the means with which to do so.

The only one who can develop you is you. This development will take place only under the influence of the Upper Light and to the extent you will aspire for it. Only the collision between the Light and the desire, the entrances and exits of the Light, make it possible for you to feel it. Who else can do that, if not you?

Naturally, if you bestow to others by participating in the dissemination of Kabbalah, this helps you. But your personal efforts are necessary. Spirituality is not earned with money, but with individual work. Where else would you sense the spiritual world? You must be hungry for it and nurture this hunger within yourself – the hunger for bestowal, for connection with others, for merging with the Creator. Do you think someone will just lift you up and carry you along with them like a suitcase?

You can receive a sense of the spiritual world even now! The World of Infinity is all around you, so what’s stopping you? A lack of desire, that’s what.

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