Spirituality Cannot Be Attained With The Mind

discover The Zohar: The illumination of the head of the Partzuf Atik of the World of Atzilut, called “the unattainable head,” is Infinity. It is the source of the small and great states of three heads (systems of governance) of Arich Anpin, called Keter, Mocha de-Ovira (the brain membrane) and Mocha Stima (a concealed mind), which is the Yud Hey Vav of Zeir Anpin itself.

The Book of Zohar consists of different parts. Some of them use the dry language of Kabbalah, while others are more lively, narrating in the language of the Bible or legends. However, we should not pay attention to the words themselves. I don’t care which words I am hearing. After all, the Kabbalists took words from this world, but what is important for us is to receive an inner response, a certain sensation instead of the words. The word itself is not really connected to that sensation.

Baal HaSulam writes in Item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot” that we attract the Surrounding Light by having a great desire and aspiration to understand what we study, where “understanding” means being inspired, receiving an impression, and connecting to something. It is written, “And Adam knew Hava,” which means that they acquired an inner connection. Knowledge does not play any role here; only desire does.

Instead of hearing the words, we should desire to feel what is happening inside us. Then we will be focusing on the most important thing. The spiritual world cannot be attained through the mind. You need new vessels of perception, new senses (Kelim) that develop only by virtue of your aspiration. Your aspiration is what attracts the Light that Reforms, the Surrounding Light.

The dry words written in The Zohar using the language of Kabbalah may not inspire us and may leave us feeling dry; but if in spite of these dry words we still try to find the sensation and picture that must appear before us, then the things written in the language of Kabbalah end up being more beneficial for us than the texts that are written in the language of the Bible or legends. Therefore, even though the language of Kabbalah is dry, it is the one that awakens the greatest desire in a person who wants to advance.

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