Will People Get Used To The Crisis, As Government Leaders Hope?

laitman_2009-06_3382_w1A question I received: As a child, I asked my grandmother about the war she lived through, and she said, “You know, people get used to everything, even war.” So, in the current situation of economic uncertainty, this would mean that what’s happening isn’t so bad, because people will simply get used to having smaller salaries, and eventually everyone will simply forget about the crisis completely.

My Answer: This is exactly what the government leaders are hoping for: that our living standard will gradually decrease and reach a humble type of existence, a much lower living standard than today. This will also improve the ecology and the public relations. When everyone suffers together, people are comforted and everyone is in agreement.

However, what people don’t realize is that the crisis was not caused by overproduction or market speculation, but by the fact that human egoism has grown so much that we have lost all control over it. We are now at the final stage of egoism’s development, and Nature is now leading us to the next stage of our development – altruism. The fact that we are revealing a total interconnection between us and Nature means that this stage is already here. It is being revealed, and we have to adapt to it.

The only thing that can help us go through this period more smoothly is the dissemination of Kabbalah’s wisdom, which will explain the situation and the means to correct it. The government leaders will not be able to correct anything; in fact, they cannot even reach an agreement regarding anything. It would be good if they were able to reach a consensus at their G8 or G20 meetings and decide how much each country should lower its living standard for the sake of the common good.  However, instead they are involved in protectionism, where each is trying to separate from the rest. And this kind of behavior often leads to war.

Nevertheless, I am hopeful that the situation will reach a good outcome, and I do hope that they will discover the true reasons for the crisis and the solution, which is explained in Kabbalah. The program for everything already exists in Nature. However, this program does not include anything that’s artificial, such as the measures they are trying to take.

Unfortunately, for now they are still talking like regular leaders: “I have power, an army, police, and money.” Thus, they rule the world and every individual country using two things: the authority of money and the authority of force.

But what people need today is to be enlightened, educated about the global world we are now living in, and about the fact that all of our suffering is caused by a faulty global connection among us.

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