When Good News Is Anything But Good

longerIn the News (translated from Rabkor.ru): Good news became goods in short supply. News is being made up and intentionally disseminated. Governments of all countries have spent trillions of dollars, not on recovery of crashing economies, but on the manufacturing of good news.

Markets immediately interpret this as an investment that drives markets upwards thus creating the next “financial bubble” that sucks money out of the real sectors. Politicians give beautiful speeches about fighting economic downfall and creating good news, but they are not able to overcome the crisis.

My Comment: The lies of our world will be revealed along with the necessity of  destroying  them and attaining the quality opposite to egoism, the quality of bestowal and benevolent connection. We can break free from evil only if we see it as evil, but it has to be big and obvious.  Thus, bigger financial bubbles are awaiting us!

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