There Is No Such Thing As Information Overload

from2520our2520world2520to2520the2520vurtual2520worldA question I received: Modern society is reliant on information. Now, in this time of crisis, the question of information overload becomes very real. Information overload refers to a situation where a person becomes a slave not only to material things but also to information; a person loses himself, drowns and detaches from his “I.”

My Answer: Actually, a person has yet to acquire his “I,” so he doesn’t have anything to lose. He is born into a specific situation without having any say about it. He has no choice as to his natural abilities, his personality traits, his family or upbringing. The clothes he wears, the way in which he sits, the food he eats, the way he speaks and the way he thinks are all things he absorbs from the society around him. Society teaches him to behave the way he does, and he acts according to the examples, conventions and values that he absorbed. Therefore, he does not have his own “I.”

Now, getting back to your question: When I go on the internet, I am not overloaded with information. I look for the things that interest me: a synopsis of today’s news or the latest in science. I am not overloaded with information because everything else on the Internet – 99% of its resources, just don’t exist for me. If a person is focused on an important goal, then he does not want to waste time on things that are less important.

In other words, everything depends on a person’s desires. If one’s desires are a level higher than what the current sources of mass information are able to offer (and frankly, today’s huge supply of information does not offer people anything but garbage), then a person does not see this information. Rather, he sees beyond this supply of information.

Thus, I would once again like to emphasize the importance of education, because it is the only means to change the society.

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  1. Greetings Mr. Laitman,

    A question, why is it that sometimes you want something so badly and no matter what you do at that particular time or instance you are unable to get it or reach it,
    the you draw back, time passes, you have forgotten or almost forgotten about it, and then suddenly one day without any effort what you wanted so badly awhile back presents itself to you on a silver platter without moving a finger. ?
    Is it that we are all pre-programmed ?

    Yours sincerely,


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