As The Crisis Deepens, Kabbalah’s Message Becomes More Clear

threatA question I received: Many people today feel a sense of desolation that is not related to their lack of material possessions. What does a person feel in such a state? What questions about life does he ask himself?

My Answer: Every person wants to be safe, healthy and live a normal life. This necessity, along with its various internal and external fears and anxieties, is understood by all. Because our egoism prefers to avoid the problem, people try to calm themselves down. This is why, as we are seeing today, people either don’t want to talk about the crisis or they announce that it’s already behind us.

A person who experiences desolation asks himself whether tomorrow will be worse than today. Today, he is surviving somehow, but what about tomorrow? He is afraid of losing that which is his; he lives in fear of forthcoming losses.

The one who is employed fears losing his job. The one who already lost his job is dependent on the national welfare system. If the government runs out of money tomorrow, there will be no welfare system, as the system does not have a bottomless supply of funds. Where will the money come from to provide for all?

A few more thousand will be fired, the process will extend another few months and that’s it; the money will run out! What will we do? How do we feed ourselves, how do we pay for things? No one knows what will happen.

All of these questions are of great concern to society, but governments and the media are not addressing them. Another few months will go by and concealing the situation will become impossible; everything will come out in the open. Unrest is already flaring up in various places. What will it all lead to? Something unimaginable.

This is why the world needs the science of Kabbalah. Against the background of all these problems, people must know that there is a solution. The only solution can be found in the science of Kabbalah. For now, it’s fine if they just hear about it in a vague, concealed form. But when the blows hit, this information will suddenly become clear.

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