Altering Human Genes Through The Study Of Kabbalah

and2520god2520created2520man2520in2520his2520own2520iIn the News (from ScienceDaily):Discovery May Provide New Treatments For Alcohol Dependence” – Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg, have discovered a new brain mechanism involved in alcohol addiction involving the stomach hormone ghrelin. When ghrelin’s actions in the brain are blocked, alcohol’s effects on the reward system are reduced. It is an important discovery that could lead to new therapies for addictions such as alcohol dependence.

In the News (from HealthDay):Gene Variant Tied to Severity of Drinking” – A variation in one gene may explain why some people are more heavily dependent on alcohol than are others.

My Comment: There is a system, which precedes genes or parents, and it defines all “good” and “bad” inclinations in each person. These adjectives are in quotes because everything is according to “the plan,” we just have to correct ourselves by education at any stage of life (by parents and by society from childhood on through the rest of one’s life). This is what Kabbalah does to a person because Kabbalah alters human genes! It is not education itself that does it, but by studying Kabbalah, the force of Ohr Makif is drawn, which changes human nature.

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