Yes, Kabbalah Can Save The World From Catastrophe

is-correction-possible-without-a-man2Three questions I received on how Kabbalah can change the world:

Question: I do not see how changing the political direction toward a unified world is at all realistic. I just don’t see how we can influence the course of the world’s development with our limited resources. Can the unification of all those who study Kabbalah really save the world from catastrophe?

My Answer: Yes, because they are a tremendous spiritual force, as compared to the spiritually inanimate masses.

Question: If I were a great Kabbalist, what would I have to do to help others like me?

My Answer: Give them an explanation of the reason for our current state and how to correct it.

Question: I have read a myriad of your articles in French on your site, and I think I have understood the purpose of Kabbalah. Essentially, it answers my inner metaphysical questions – how and why we exist, as well as the purpose of our existence. But how do I go from theory to practice?

My Answer: Through study in the group: you must use the group to create the conditions of a corrected humanity.

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