When In Doubt, Just Keep Going! (Advanced)

mans-relationship-with-the-creator-is-like-a-dramatic-love-story1A question I received: I want very much to rise above myself in order to satisfy the needs of others, but I feel that by doing this I will only fulfill my own egoism. Even when I am doing dissemination, writing to friends about the importance of the goal, or studying, I understand that I am cheating myself. How can we actually do something for the goal and not for ourselves? How can we do something without receiving anything in return?

My Answer: The Surrounding Light shines upon you when you perform these actions – when you study, work on unification in a group, and disseminate. This Light affects you to the degree that you desire to rise above egoism through your actions. Or in other words, the Light shines on you to the degree of your equivalence to it.

This Light gradually corrects your intention from “for yourself” to “for your neighbor (or for the Creator).” Little by little, this Light’s glow affects your desire, starting with the weakest egoistic desire, with an Aviut (thickness) of zero. This stage is called Shoresh. When the Light finishes correcting the intention of the desire with this level of Aviut (thickness), you will immediately feel the revelation of the Upper World or the Creator. But until that happens, there is only one thing to do – continue!

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