What Happened In Ancient Babylon?

conceptA question I received: How is it possible that people who lived in Ancient Babylon and had qualities that allowed them to feel the Upper Worlds, suddenly became egoists and disconnected again? Does that mean that the process of a person’s spiritual development is reversible, and every advanced Kabbalist who developed his point in the heart can degenerate to the animate level again?

My Answer: The group of Babylonians rose to their complete correction, but then, in order to transmit their knowledge and method to the world, they fell from their spiritual level. This happened in order for them to become like all the people living in the world. Today, this group of Babylonians is revealing the rules and the method of controlling our world to all of humanity, so everyone will be able to reach the level of the Creator – the highest level of Nature. This responsibility constitutes their choice!

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