We Must Choose: Will We Study Our Global Reality Or Go To War?

war-is-no-solution1Many people are writing about the possibility of war now. In the past, humanity often came out of difficult situations through wars. However, in today’s situation, if a war were to take place, it wouldn’t be a war between armies somewhere along the borders, but the war would affect all the nations in the world, and this is why people are so afraid of it.

Therefore, going to war is not a wise decision. This will only increase our suffering and make us ask, “Why? What is happening? How do we come out of this state?” We will then be forced to find an answer about what to do next.

It would be great if people would ask themselves these questions now, before a war starts, while feeling the same sense of suffering as they would experience after a war. However, this is something people are not able to do. Kabbalah suggests, “Let’s look at the process through Kabbalah’s perspective!” But people respond, “We don’t want to.” They don’t want to come close to this science, because it makes people feel the suffering of their present state.

However, the suffering that’s awakened in people by Kabbalah can replace war! Instead of going through the suffering in reality, you will feel it in the system of forces: you will feel how far you are from the perfect state, how lowly and stubborn you are. We can put our efforts toward reaching a greater recognition, toward learning, instead of hiding from bombs and spilling blood!

If people could understand this, then they would shift from the path of suffering to the path of Light. After all, in any case, we have to attain the recognition of evil, and this recognition can happen either through the path of war or the path of learning. Let us hope that humanity will see that it has these two possible paths of development, and that one of these paths is better than the other. People still believe that there is a way to come out of crisis other than through war, because everyone is scared by the progress and production in the arms industry.

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