We Have To Reveal The Magnificence Of The System We’re In

upper-worldFour and a half thousand years ago, there was already a situation similar to the one we have today, and there were researchers who understood this strange phenomenon. They understood what goes on in an isolated society where everyone’s interdependence becomes revealed and where people begin to understand that Nature does not allow them to relate properly to each other, as the situation demands of them.

They revealed the method of working with the nature of a human being in order to help people interact with each other properly so as to survive. However, this shouldn’t be done just for the sake of survival, but also to attain prosperity, development, and well being. They discovered how it is possible to influence a person, explaining that in order for this to happen, we have to attain the structure of the system.

It’s logical that we have to discover the system in which we exist. This is necessary in order to understand what binds us together, in what way are we interdependent and what kind of union we must achieve. We have to discover what our present nature is like, what we are capable of changing and what we aren’t, where our freedom of choice lies, and how we can change what must be changed.

We cannot change the program or the matter we are made of, and we cannot change the principle by which this system functions. The only thing we can and must change is our attitude, perfecting it to make it similar to the integral and harmonious system we are in. This is the only freedom of choice we have. It’s truly a wonder how everything in Nature is arranged in such a way that even if we wish to intervene in other aspects, we cannot change anything. We received a system where everything is predetermined except for this one thing. The connection between its parts is an egoistic connection, but it can be transformed, and this is precisely what we have to do.

There is a science that explains how to perform this action. If you use this science, you’ll be able to perform this action. It does not talk about anything except the connection between people, summed up by the rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And this is now being revealed through various problems.

This science tells us what constitutes our only freedom of will: the unification of people with one another, and nothing else. Today this is being revealed to us by Nature itself, which is making us see the problem that needs correction – the broken connection between us. It also tells us how this system works, how we can achieve this connection step by step, and how this entire enormous, universal, amazing system will look in all of its splendor once each and every one of us, and all of us together, will implement the proper connection.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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