We Are All Under Nature’s Law Of Balance And Comfortable Existence

how-do-you-fight-group-lazinessWe strive toward balance in every way, whether consciously or unconsciously. This is how we all relate to everything around us. We only feel comfortable when everything around us is in balance. At every moment, all that we desire is to attain balance with all the forces that influence us. Our only aspiration is to neutralize them all.

Question: Is this aspiration for balance good or bad?

My Answer: It’s neither good nor bad. It’s a law of Nature that we all follow, whether consciously or unconsciously. However, by shifting from the unconscious way of balancing to a conscious one, one reveals the forces that affect him, including the main force – the Creator. And this is how one attains absolute comfort!

Question: So why is it that we don’t reach balance, even though we constantly strive for it?

My Answer: In life, the rule is that every time I want to reach balance, I reveal a greater level of imbalance. A person who desires one hundred ounces of pleasure begins to desire two hundred grams once he acquires it, and then four hundred grams. Therefore, he never reaches balance and always feels a deficiency. The forces of attraction and repulsion are never in balance.

This law governs our lives. Let’s look at illness, for example. Let’s say that I have high blood pressure. What does this mean? It means that my inner system is unable to maintain a balance with the external pressure. Thus, I have to take a drug that will balance it.

We are being pressured by an aerial pillar eighty kilometers high, and there are tons of pressure on us. But the same kind of pressure also exists within us, which balances it. Otherwise we’d be squashed. This is how everything in Nature, on all Its levels, is balanced. And when you see an imbalance, you reveal the steps necessary to reach balance. (From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom,” on 03.06.2009)

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  1. dear professor,
    Very recently i was thinking of framing statements on the LAW OF BALANCE and fortunately i happened to see this site . I absolutely agree with your concept and I am sure that every movement of nature is to achieve balance. And it is the mind of every object ( from human to solid rock) that makes imbalance and hence happens life and every actions towards balance.

    thank you

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