There’s A Force That Doesn’t Allow Us To Stop Asking And Changing

now-you-can-share-perceptions-over-the-internetWe are nothing but a desire to receive that is being controlled by pleasure. This desire (we) goes from one state to another under the influence of two forces: attraction and repulsion. Thus, there are only two components in the entire creation: a desire for pleasure, and a pleasure that sets it in motion. They exist on all levels and stages – in solids, crystals, liquids, biological and chemical elements, and in all inanimate and animate matter. The foundation of everything is a desire to receive pleasure, and the fulfillment that is opposite to it.

A question arises: If all that exists is only the desire to receive and its fulfillment, then it would seem that the system is static. So why is there motion in it from the very beginning? After all, the Creator initially created the desire to receive with the help of the force of bestowal. Hence, this system should reach equilibrium and stop changing upon reaching a balance between the two forces. So why is there no such stop, but only permanent motion?

The answer is that it is because there is one more force at work in this system. The force operating in the creation includes two components: the Creator wants to give pleasure to the desire He created, and in addition, He also wants to bring this desire to equivalence to Himself. Hence. the desire has a feeling of pleasure, and inside of this feeling, it reveals another feeling – the sensation of the Giver.

This is the reason for our questions, “What for? Why?” And these questions just won’t allow us to sit back and enjoy life. Otherwise, we would reach a balance and be like animals. Everything would be fine and good, and all of Nature would stop upon reaching the point of balance.

However, the goal of creation is to bring the entire creation, including the still, vegetative, animate and human levels, to equivalence with the Creator. For this reason, motion is incorporated in everything. But who or what sets everything in motion? It is not the desire to enjoy and receive pleasure, but the feeling of the Giver, which is revealed inside the pleasure.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom,” on 03.06.2009)

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