The Game Of Life Has New Rules

remindsToday bankers and industrialists alike are saying that we lack the proper connection between us. We have natural resources and industries, we’ve printed enough money, we have the desire – we have everything! We lack only one thing: the ability to establish a working connection between all of these things.

Everything has suddenly stopped working, even though there is plenty of everything in the world: airplanes, cars, factories, banks, food, you name it. So why doesn’t the system work? It doesn’t work because we don’t know how to connect all the components! But weren’t we able to do this before?

Yes, we were, but now it’s as though someone on the “outside” has pressed a button, and the former connection stopped working. Now, a new connection is needed. It is like a game of Monopoly, where the rules of the game have changed, and we must learn the new rules. It is a new program, which is being revealed today in the form of a universal connection.

All of humanity will soon feel numb, frozen, and the standstill will keep increasing until the last bit of air escapes from the tires and the whole machine stops completely. This will go on until we find the right connection.

The right connection means that we should behave like a global society, a “small village” where everyone cares for everyone else. And this is only possible through love for your neighbor. So, until we follow the program of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we cannot put the system into working order. We can go to war with each other or do anything else – nothing will help. The problem is that the connection between us is broken, and there is nothing left for us to do but unite by rising above our egoism. This is the only thing that will help.

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