The Formula For Success: Take Care Of Your Needs, and of Your Relationships With The Whole World

kabbalah-for-everybodyToday there is a new law being revealed in the world – that of everyone’s interconnection. We, however, are learning about this law by opposing it, by resisting being together. We were initially divided in order to learn about unity, using the examples of separation and the rejection of unity. Otherwise we will not understand anything. The Light is revealed only in contrast to darkness.

This is why today we hate the fact that our integration and interconnection are being revealed. We do not want this, and every person desires to fence himself off from others. Moreover, this desire only becomes bigger all the time. We are in danger of becoming more egoistic, even to the point of Nazism. The only thing that can protect us from this is an explanation, which will show us that our total interconnection is the new law.

Everyone will want to separate. Everyone thinks, “There are so many problems coming my way. What will I eat? Maybe I should store away some supplies for a rainy day.” And while people do have to take care of these needs, at the same time they should realize that they have to correct their relationships with the whole world. It is possible to do both at the same time.

We have to become familiar with the law of our total, mutual connection – the law of the “Mutual Guarantee.” Today we are revealing that this law is incumbent upon us. We will have to go through “seven years of famine in Egypt” in order to realize that our egoism is evil, and we will then be able to “come out of Egypt” – rise above our egoism and be in harmony.

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  1. Now there is this pigs flu and people treat each other worse and worse all the time as egoism grows. So how can we unite even if we sincerely want to, without spreading disease or people taking advantage of us? Thanks Rav.

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