The Crisis Will Reach Even Those Who Are Content With Their Bottle of Beer

it-all-comes-back-to-youA question I received: I don’t feel the crisis in any way. Maybe I’m just lucky?

My Answer: Maybe the crisis is still not felt in some states of the USA, but it will reach these places too! Besides, there have always been people in different areas of the world who did not feel that they were living in this world.

I visited a village in Ireland once which had a few roads leading to different places. I asked someone how to get to the city, and he told me, “I believe it’s down this road.” I said I was surprised because he sounded unsure, so he explained that he’s never been there. It was astounding to see a normal man of about fifty, living in the world today, who has never been outside of his village.

There are some people who don’t know anything about what goes on in the world. They have their bottle of beer and they don’t need anything else. But the crisis won’t go unnoticed even for them, because they won’t have their bottle of beer any longer! Therefore, even they will be forced to unite with others.

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