Germany Warns Of Crisis After Crisis, But Kabbalah Says There Is No Crisis!

when-it-comes-to-the-global-crisis-we-cannot-afford-to-procrastinateIn the News (from The Financial Times):Germany warns on ‘crisis after crisis’” The world could face high inflation and a “crisis after the crisis” when the global economy recovers, Peer Steinbrück, German finance minister, has warned. Angela Merkel, chancellor, told The Financial Times last month that pumping too much money into reviving global growth would create an unstable recovery.

My Comment: Dear readers, let’s think together about how to help all the world leaders and all the people in the world understand that there is no crisis. Rather, there is a new reality and new social conditions, which we do not match yet. This is the crisis.

As soon as we understand the meaning of “a global and integral world” and realize that the new conditions require us to have relationships of kindness and consideration, the crisis will disappear!

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