Ecologists’ Debate: Is Man Any Different From Yeast And Rabbits?

munichThe renowned ecologist, Prof. Victor Dolnik writes the following about the transition from egoism to altruism:

The public consciousness has made an amazingly quick transition from a blasphemous, sacrilegious attitude to Nature to one of superstitious worship. The latter is now called “ecologism.” But ecologism is not very beneficial, as it’s founded on the same anthropocentrism as before – “The general good is the good of man.”

If ecological thinking is to be authentic, rather than “ecologistical,” it must become biosphere-centric: “The only thing that can be good for man is whatever is good for the biosphere.”

And here is what he said about the two possible ways of managing the creation (the path of Kabbalah and the path of suffering):

I would really like to know the answer to the question: what kind of species do we belong to? Is it really a species that’s regulated by nothing but primary factors? Are we no different than yeast and rabbits, which procreate until obstructed by the primary factors? Or are we a species that can change its strategy upon receiving warning signals from the biosphere?

Most ecologists attribute man to the former. Their main argument is: man may have lost the necessary genetic programs completely. And even if these programs are not lost, they are not functioning in the present conditions, which are completely different from the primal ones.

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