Ben Bernanke’s Forecasts Are Off

laitman_2009-03_79521A question I received: Yesterday I was watching the news and saw an economic forecast by Ben Bernanke, the person heading the development of the entire US economy. He said that if the banks will use the government-issued bailout money and pass it along to other businesses, the country can come out of the recession over the next year. What do you have to say about his forecast from the standpoint of Kabbalah?

My Answer: I believe that his predictions will not come true. What he said may happen for just a short period of time, because if you start giving out billions of dollars to people, and these people decide to purchase goods, this will create a deficit in the stores. The deficit will lead to new orders for the manufacturers, which will stimulate production for a short period of time. This will create new jobs and put money in people’s wallets.

But this won’t last long. After all, the problem is the lack of connection between people and our loss of control over the system of human relationships. These things cannot be corrected by infusions of money or the use of force.

Of course, everyone is free to speak their mind. However, the fact is, we exist in a new system of laws, where we cannot succeed by using the old methods. And whoever plans on using them is doomed to fail.

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