The Specifics of Studying in America

The Specifics of Studying in AmericaQuestions I received on how to study in the United States:

Question: We have heard that it is better to study with the world Kli live than at other times viewing the recorded lesson. In this post you say that it doesn’t really matter what time we study. Would it benefit the American groups to study together in the morning at a certain time each day?

My Answer: Yes, together is always better. Even if you are in front of a computer screen on your own, you should know and feel that there are many other friends together with you.

Question: Does it make a difference that we watch the three hour lesson before going to sleep whereas others watch it first thing in the morning?

My Answer: It’s better to watch the lesson in the morning, but if this isn’t possible then you can watch it in the evening, or even split up the lesson into parts and watch it at different times. In any case, at least half an hour in the morning is a must.

Question: If we were to study at a different time, what is the minimum size group that would be beneficial to study in?

My Answer: At least three men.

Question: Does this create more isolation for the American groups in comparison to the World Kli?

My Answer: No, provided that you work together with others on dissemination.

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