The Only Books That Can Correct Egoism In Our Generation Are Baal HaSulam’s

The Only Books That Can Help Correct Egoism In Our Generation Are Baal HaSulam'sA question I received: You say that the only important thing to reveal the Light while reading a text is the intention to reveal the Light, to change ourselves and to become like the Creator. So, if I have this intention but I read other spiritual books like the Gospel, Dharmapada or the Quran, if I read them with the intention to change, will I change and reveal the Light? I find some of these books very emotional and I feel that they help me to change just like Kabbalistic books do.

My Answer: The fact is that Kabbalistic books were written by people who attained the Upper World or the Creator through their corrected qualities, and who then wrote their books from that spiritual level. The same people also drew special connections between their writings and our world.

Hence, if we want to raise our qualities to their spiritual level, to become similar to them or to the Creator (which is the same thing), then the Light of their spiritual levels descends from those levels to us only when we study their books, which describe the qualities of their levels. This Light shines on us from afar, gradually reforming us to match the qualities of these levels (qualities).

It says in the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot” that the authors of the Talmud made special spiritual corrections so that when we study their books, we can receive Upper Light (Ohr Makif) from the study. No other means can help us reform ourselves, and this has been verified for millennia! In our days, the only thing that can withstand the egoism of our generation, the only texts that can help correct our souls, are the compositions of Baal HaSulam. The choice is yours.

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