Scientific Theories Cannot Prove that God Exists

Scientific Theories Cannot Prove the Existence of GodNews Report (translated from “Polish priest proves the existence of G-d.” 72-year old priest and mathematician Michael Heller has been awarded the world’s largest scientific prize for his work that indirectly proves the existence of G-d. Father Heller’s theories not only contain a proof of G-d’s existence, but also cast doubt on the existence of the corporeal world around us.

Father Heller has developed a complex formula that is able to explain everything, even randomness, through mathematical calculations. Previously, German researchers conducted a series of mathematical calculations showing that the probability of God’s existence is 62%.

My Answer:
As usual, the mass media presents inaccurate information due to insufficient understanding of the subject: a theory cannot serve as proof. Proof can come only from a clear sensation, as well as the ability to repeat this sensation and to compare it with what others perceive. In other words, it must abide by the rule, “A judge has no more than what his eyes can see.”

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah enables man to reveal the Upper World or the Creator with such clarity. That’s because Kabbalah creates new qualities in man that are equal to Creator’s qualities, and then one perceives the Creator inside these qualities, according to the law of equivalence of form.

Everything else is like playing hide-and-seek in a dark room – instead of relying on clear sensations, people play around with numbers and philosophize using the earthly logic.

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