Kabbalah and the Earthly Sciences

Kabbalah and the Earthly SciencesA question I received: In a previous blog entry you wrote, “Kabbalah welcomes things that were derived from experience or strictly scientific research.” Can you please elaborate on what exactly Kabbalah welcomes in regular science?

My Answer: 1. Everything that’s necessary for the body’s animate existence (that is, for its minimal, normal existence), according to the law “Necessity is neither praised nor condemned” (Echrahi – Lo Igune Ve Lo Ishubah). Just like it’s the case with animals, when man consumes to the extent of his body’s animate desires, he is in balance with the nature, with the Creator, and hence this is welcomed by Kabbalah.

2. Everything relating to the body’s desires (such as food, sex, and family) that exceeds the normal needs, is superfluous. Hence it is harmful for the body and the soul, as well as for all of the surrounding nature, and it makes man imbalanced with nature. These excesses usually appear under the influence of society.

3. Besides the bodily desires, there are additional desires that emerge in man because he lives in society. If he lived alone in the woods, then these desires would never emerge in him. There are the desires for wealth, fame, power, and knowledge.

Desires 2 and 3 disrupt nature’s balance on the level of our world and prevent man from coming out of his egoism. The earthly science is developed precisely to fulfill desires 2 and 3 – it is developed by man’s egoistic incentives, and hence it is harmful to man.

Imagine that man did not intend to wage war, make money, or win scientific awards and prizes. Then science would never make any progress. Hence science will soon enter a crisis, its present form will due out, and the science of Kabbalah will reemerge to the forefront. I am explaining this very briefly and hence unconvincingly, but I advise you to learn about this in more detail by listening to my lessons on Baal HaSulam’s article “Kabbalah as Compared with Other Sciences”.

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