Is Pride a Form of Egoism?

Is Pride a Form of Egoism?A question I received: Is pride a form of egoism? I am reminded of the situation where a man who is very hungry turns down the meal prepared by the giver because of shame. The giver, aware of the shame, asks, “Why are you acting so proud and refusing to eat? Humble yourself and eat!”

My Answer: In this situation the giver is an even bigger egoist and has more pride than the receiver. Therefore, the receiver can accept the food without being ashamed, since he will enable the giver to enjoy his power over the receiver’s unwilling desire.

The situation is different in Kabbalah. When a person desires to escape his egoism, he feels how different he is from the Creator and is ashamed of it. Otherwise the Creator won’t be revealed to him. However, in our world both the giver and the receiver are on the level of our world, inside their compulsory egoism. This is why one of them advises (helps) the other to compensate his shame in some way and be fulfilled.

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