Eastern Teachings Have No Connection With Kabbalah

Eastern Teachings Have No Connection to KabbalahA question I received: How do Eastern teachings and religions reflect in Kabbalah, which also came from the east?

My Answer: Anything related to corporeality has no relation to Kabbalah. Here is a list of just some of the things that don’t pertain to Kabbalah in any way:

  • Places, including “holy” or special places that are said to have special qualities
  • Objects, including buildings, statues, images, objects of worship, and other objects which are said to have special powers
  • Time, including special dates and times, or anything that depends on time and celestial circumstances
  • The human body

None of these have any connection to Kabbalah, because Kabbalah is a science that speaks only about the Creator and His revelation in a person’s soul. It has no connection to the body, and this is why Eastern religions or teachings cannot be considered part of Kabbalah. Religious actions and attributes (including specific places or worship, rituals, special objects, and so on) completely contradict Kabbalah, because Kabbalah only engages in studying and delving deep into the human soul and man’s qualities and forces, as if our world and our bodies don’t exist at all.

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