A New Year’s Wish to the World

A New Year's Wish to the WorldA question I received: This New Year what would you wish to the people who rule the world – the presidents?

My Answer: I still remember the times when one person who believed that he knew how to fix Russia and even the entire world, climbed atop an armored car and spoke such nonsense that it still makes people feel sick to this day. But they went ahead and performed their experiment – and attained the usual horrific results. Such experiments still take place in every country of the world to varying degrees, and they always prove inadequate, whether it’s done in Russia or America, the Third Rome or the Third World.

All the world’s rulers are like little boys who pretend to be grown ups. They don’t realize that they live inside nature and are parts of it. They don’t know the laws of the world they live in, and instead invent their own laws. Within this “lawful” world they build their own small “play world,” complete with made up relationships and laws. Obviously, these do not correspond to the natural laws of society.

Notwithstanding, everything in nature has its own place and law. Animals follow the laws of nature blindly and instinctively, and hence they don’t make mistakes. Man, on the other hand, was created free in order to complete himself, and to reveal – within this realm of freedom –  the laws of nature, the Creator. By doing so, man becomes equal to Nature or the Creator.

However, instead of doing this, man is performing experiments on himself! Until the times of Ancient Babylon, man developed on the animate level and his behavior wasn’t so different from nature. But as soon as his egoism began “acting up,” he decided to build a “tower up to the sky” and people started “speaking different tongues” – stopped understanding one another. As soon as this occurred, man was offered the chance to learn about the purpose of his creation – to attain the level of the Creator, as well as the means to attain this goal – the method of Kabbalah.

Just as Kabbalah predicted 4,500 years ago, we are now finding ourselves in the Global Babylon once again. We have to grow up and learn the laws of nature, instead of inventing our own, artificial laws. After all, there are laws of nature for every kind of behavior – including private and social, and ignorance of these laws evokes Nature’s negative reaction, which we perceive as suffering.

One way or another, Nature will compel us to become similar to it. And if we are opposed to this, it will bring us there by force. Hence, today we – each and every one of us – are more than ever in need of revealing and understanding what Kabbalah says.

My wish for the world’s rulers, and for all the people in the world, is to study the laws of nature and of society that Kabbalah explains. Kabbalah speaks only about this, explaining how everything develops – gradually, logically and lawfully.

Our dissemination of Kabbalah around the world is expanding, and is tipping the whole world over with its force, quality, and connection with the Upper Light. Hence I truly wish everyone SHANA TOVA” (a happy New Year) – and I am optimistic that this will indeed be so!

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  1. Dear Rav,

    On the evening of Rosh Hashana, students from all the world gathered on a huge internet conference to celebrate the beginning of the new year. I wanted you and your readers to know that this special moment we shared together has been very amazing and special. Friends came there to give their greetings of a special kind. Playing music live, reading shamati articles, telling short messages in every languages, everyone participated and made this moment intense. I was really excited, and it had nothing to do with the classic new year night we have on 31st december, that usally bore me a lot! Seeing the friends from all cultures, with so much expectations for this new spiritual year, for more unity, for more dissemination, for more friends and strength in the group, just gave me the deep feeling that this kind of moment should happen all the year! In fact, nobody wanted to leave. And the gathering lasted one more hour. When is the next one?

    Shana Tova to all the students and all the people.

  2. What are the healing-principles of kabbalah ?
    We know, it has to be a transition from egotism to altruism.
    But how does it work practically?
    Thank you for your answer

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