A Little Secret to Financial Success (and Other Interesting Facts)

A Little Secret to Financial Success, and More...Questions I received on Jesus, the Pyramids, organ donations, and lucky pendants:

Question: Does Kabbalah say anything about Jesus?

My Answer: No. Kabbalah speaks only about the correction of the soul and the revelation of the Creator. It bears no relation to any religion.

Question: What do the ancient pyramids represent in our world?

My Answer: Man’s belief in a bodily, material afterlife.

Question: According to Kabbalah, is it permissible to donate human organs?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Someone gave me a pendant called “the key to financial success.” It is a silver key with some Aramaic words inscribed on it. The problem is that I accidentally broke it! I don’t know if there is a connection, but ever since it broke, I started having financial problems. Is there a connection between these two events? And what should I do with the broken pendant?

My Answer: Fix it! Faith in the “lucky pendant” works. (Although I also heard that what works best is to catch a banker and eat his liver raw at midnight on a full moon. Then his bank account will immediately and secretly be transferred to yours.)

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  1. WHAT?! LOL! hahaha so thats where bankers bank money lol amazing

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