Even Judicial Courts, Insurance Companies, and Financial Markets Have an Inkling About the Upper Force

I had a conversation that was recorded for an upcoming TV series on the topic of the Upper Force. I spoke with:

Daniel Lamberg – attorney and insurance expert,
Shlomi Buchana – Professor of Economics at Bar-Ilan University,
Ben-Tzion Gertz – writer and host of the program.

Conversation About the Upper Force

We only perceive a small part of the world and we don’t know what will happen to us a moment later or in the distant future. We don’t know what desires will suddenly appear in our heart, or what thoughts will appear in our mind that might force us to act contrary to our common sense and prior desires.

We write off anything we don’t know as the “Upper Force” – some superior force that causes an unexpected turn of events and often excuses us from liability for them. Judicial authorities, insurance companies, and financial markets all view this “intrusion” of the Upper Force into our lives differently and interpret it in their own way.

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