Men and Women in Kabbalah

Men and Women in KabbalahIt is the assertion of ecofeminism that men take control over nature, while women integrate themselves into it. A man must essentially control himself, break his ego, and direct himself to the Creator. A woman, on the other hand, is ready to apply herself in this direction without much conflict.

This is, however, only while men and women are within the limits of our world, during their development through the degrees of concealment. Afterwards, when they cross the Machsom (barrier), they become equal in their spiritual work.

Are men the ones guilty for the Earth’s tough situation? Are women better for nature than men? Female egoism is less harmful to the Earth because it is more grounded and practical. Women who desire spirituality need to direct men toward it, showing that they will only respect and honor a man who directs himself toward spirituality.

Why is it difficult for men to feel women’s desires? A woman has a different desire, with a different property, to the desire of a man, like waves on different frequencies. That’s why it’s hard for a man to understand a woman.

What does a man need to do, to increase his desire to understand a woman? One needs to understand that a woman’s desire is a great (often the determining) force in man’s spiritual progress.

What is the difference between being inspired by the greatness of the goal when it comes from the group compared to when it comes from a woman? Are both elements essential? Initially, the importance of the goal comes from a woman, while in the group, the importance of the goal acquires the form of “bestowal and love” for others, for the Creator.

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  1. Good Morning, 
     I would like to ask question about level of Moses- Is it possible for woman to achieve this level of development of the soul? 2. There was a woman  which became great Kabalist, true Kabalist? And if so why we don’t have woman-teachers? 3.”…In this form, Malchut cannot become similar to the Creator. It needs an additional force inside of her, called “a man”—part of the Upper Light, the desire to bestow. This part of the desire to bestow comes from the light of Hochma. The light of Hochma, entering the will to receive, acts upon it transforming it into the Giver. This force is called “man” or Zeir Anpin (ZA).( ……)By the term “man’s force,” the force of overcoming, we mean a screen, while by the term “woman’s force,” we mean the will to receive. Only by bonding both together is it possible to give birth to equivalence of form to the Creator. ” I agree all my heart with this but if it’s like this why we need each other in study kabalah, why women need a man to progress in her development? It’s inner work,I undrstand the role of the group, but I don’t understend this needness to each other.

    Thank you very much for your respond. I will be waiting for it.
    With great respect

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