Humane Laws in the Jungle, Law of the Jungle in Civilization

Humane Laws in the Jungle, Law of the Jungle in CivilizationIt seems to us that nature is governed by the law of survival of the fittest. But in fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, because the interconnection among all species forces them to care about each other’s survival. Zoologists, for instance, know that the fierce fights between animals always end with peace, and never lead to death or even injury, because they fight only to establish the hierarchy within the pack.

An outside view on a living organism might suggest that it’s completely controlled by blind nature: it seems that hostile forces surround it as it struggles for survival. However, scientists are discovering that everything is dynamically balanced, and survival is based not on struggle, but on the mutual cooperation among all species, where both support and struggle complement and balance one another, thus creating equilibrium.

Even the roots of different plants coalesce and create a unified system, as plants with less developed roots receive additional support from stronger ones. When one species of plants is being replaced by another, it isn’t a struggle for territory, but a developmental process of the circle of life.

The interaction between plants and insects is no secret either: flowers give insects food (nectar), while the insects transport pollen, thus ensuring fructification. Even the size of insects corresponds to the shape of the flowers in a way that helps them with the selection of pollen. The interdependency among plants and animals is so strong that the extinction of certain types of plants leads to the disappearance of certain animals. And that, in turn, leads to the extinction of another type of plants and animals, because everything is interconnected within nature’s all-inclusive system.

As it happens, in addition to a struggle for survival, there is also cooperation in nature, both within the species and between them. And the reason for this is not anyone’s direct, self benefit, but simply because everyone’s survival is possible only through the interconnection with all the others.

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