Free Will Starts with Our Generation

Free Will Starts with Our GenerationQuestion for ML: While in exile, Kabbalists kept the secrets of Kabbalah hidden on the account of society not being ready for them. As a result, upshots of egoism generated religion within society, in order to save the nation. I have been studying with you for two years via the Internet and books, and the more I study, the more I understand, especially when I repeat.

Why did Kabbalists lead humanity to a way of thinking that is opposite to Kabbalah? As a religious person, I live by the principles of faith, physical commandments, and putting my soul into this work, and I suddenly come to understand that all our definitions are based on egoism? Is that not deceit? I feel myself cheated and betrayed. I don’t want to write too much, I hope that my question is clear…

My Answer: The purpose of creation is to create the ego and grow it to an unbearable limit, at which moment we realize the need to rise above our ego, and build new relationships of bestowal and love by OURSELVES (in ourselves and our surroundings). Kabbalists look painfully (the suffering of Shechina) upon humanity’s suffering, and help as much as they can without interfering in the independence of correction. In general, Kabbalists needed to wait until humanity matured, in our era, to disclose Kabbalah to everyone. Today, anyone can learn about the purpose of creation, the reason for our present situation, and about our final, already-existing goal. We have free will only from toward onward, and our free will lies in choosing one of two paths (either allowing suffering to push us against our will, or through a conscious desire) to reach the purpose of creation – equivalence with the Creator.

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