Egoistic vs Spiritual Progression

Egoistic vs Spiritual ProgressionA question I received from Chanah, in response to the post Why Kabbalah Disgusts Us: I thought that existence in egoism is only a shadow of a far removed reflection of the Creator – so the Creator is not actually “making misery” … it’s our inability to sense correctly, right? What I sense as struggle is the fact that I cannot rely on most of my perceptions to navigate to the truth, yet I’m required to move forward.

My Answer: If we would continue progressing egoistically, remaining in our inborn egoistic nature, we would navigate ourselves with whatever we know in our familiar egoistic understanding of the world. However, if we want to progress toward spirituality, we need to exit our egoistic nature and enter into an opposite, unknown nature. As such, we need to progress “in the dark,” so to speak, in qualities and feelings that we don’t yet perceive, and continue progressing like this until we master these new qualities and learn to live in them.

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