Demons, Spirits, Angels, Devils – Do they Exist?

Demons, Spirits, Angels, Devils - Do they Exist?Do demons and spirits exist in our world? The Kabbalists describe demons and spirits in their books, while using words, names and descriptions of our world. So how does Kabbalah define demons and spirits?

As forces. All in all, there is nothing in the universe but forces. These forces make us depict all kinds of shapes and images within us, like on a TV or a computer screen. Everything we see in our world is the product of how these forces are displayed within us.

In the spiritual world there are no images whatsoever, but only forces and properties. Therefore, there’s nothing out there beyond the things that we clearly see. Names such as angels, devils, demons and so forth are used to indicate forces. For instance, you can call the force of gravity – the angel of gravity.


  1. Herein lies the difference between Religion and Kabbalah: Religion teaches a person to disown one’s egoistic properties and Project it onto other persons in the form of "Demons Spirits & Angels". On the other hand, Kabbalah teaches one concerning the nature of one’s egoistic programming and how to transform it into Altruistic properties with help from Above. The only genuine way to "Love thy neighbor" and truly change the world is to change one’s self. 

  2. my friend told me recently that he saw angels and demons and he would like to show me but he said you might not be able to see them but you will feel them and know that they are there, is this true?

  3. What about the cases where more than one person sees a demon? How Kabbalah explain a collective experience where people describe the same characteristics of an entity

  4. Are we reborn after death?I have the same dreams of another life and I try to figure it out . I dream of different place of living and people I know. I keep having these dreams over and over and have for 15 to 20 years. I can’t understand why we have got all this knowledge over the years and then you die .Why did we learn only to die It’s Hard trying to accept the Heaven and Hell Theory I am 60 plus And I consider myself intelligent But can’t comprehend the of life after death

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