Questions about Spiritual Work—19

963.4Question: In Rabash’s article “Concerning Respecting the Father” it is written that if he is receiving a greater reward each day, then the gauge is the vessels of reception. What is the reward in this context, and what do we measure by the vessels of reception?

Answer: The extent to which I feel obliged to the Creator and the extent to which I can thank Him is called that I can bestow to Him?

Question: How can I determine that my pleasure comes from serving the Creator?

Answer: If you pass it through the friends, through the group.

Question: If my boss calls me at work, I will do everything he says, I will try diligently. But if the Creator, on whom every moment in my life depends, asks me to love my friends, I cannot do it. I want to, but I cannot. This is a horrible and terrible state, I would call it hell. What do I need to do?

Answer: Just ask the Creator for the friends, and nothing else.

Question: How does one come to the realization of who the Creator is?

Answer: It is a force that resides in your subconscious and controls you.

Question: Can a person by himself consciously move to the left line and check how he feels the importance of the Creator within reason, or is the Creator taking him there?

Answer: A person has no right to be in the left line. The Creator takes him into it.

Question: Is the importance of spirituality higher when I see others as great or when I am in a state of “bare and destitute”?

Answer: When you see others as great.

Question: What is the most important thing for new couples of men and women who are studying in Kabbalah to build the Creator between them, and how can they help each other on the spiritual path?

Answer: They should love each other and want to be together in one heart.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/23, “To Criticize Oneself”

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