Don’t Lose Faith

115Question: What prevents us from seeing the Creator as good and doing good, and how can we get out of lack of faith?

Answer: It is the lack of faith that interferes. You do not believe that it comes from Him, that He is good and does good. When you feel injustice and resentment, at this time and to this extent the Creator is concealed; He does not want you to accuse Him.

And when you open your heart, then He comes closer to you. It depends on you whether He will be close to you or not.

When we talk about merging with the Creator, we mean that despite all problems and adversities that the Creator sends us, we want to be in a mutual embrace with each other and with Him. As it is said: “From the love of creatures to the love of the Creator.”

If we act in this way, we will reveal the whole universe as a single system of love. I am sure that we are getting closer to this.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/23, “The need for the Creator’s salvation”

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