How Can We Check Whether The Creator Is Benevolent?

laitman_294.3Baal HaSulam, “Shamati,” 34, “The Profit Of The Land”: It is known from books and from authors that the Creator is benevolent. This means that His guidance appears to the lower ones as good and doing good, and this is what we must believe.

We do not feel that, but this is a precondition if we want to advance.

Therefore, when one examines the conducts of the world, and begins to examine himself or others, how they suffer under Providence instead of delighting, as is fitting for His Name—The Good Who Does Good—in that state, it is hard for him to say that Providence is behaving in a manner of good and doing good and imparts them with abundance.

Question: How can we feel that?

Answer: We should not curse anything in the world and not the Creator because of the evil you see, but determine why you see it, and then you will realize that you see things this way according to your corruption. This is a paradox. When I see that people relate to me or to each other in a bad way, I have to say that it is because I am not corrected. On the whole, I have to see an absolutely ideal picture before me that is made only of attributes of goodness, love, and mutual connection.

How can that be? I am told that it is because I have the opposite, contradictory attributes and I should switch them, then the terrible world we live in will turn into heaven.

Question: Doesn’t it bother you that you need to believe that the Creator is benevolent?

Answer: To believe does not mean that I close my eyes and believe that this world is absolutely ideal and that only I see it as corrupt. I have to accept that the Creator is benevolent as a precondition for my work in order to correct myself so that I will be sure to attain this state.

Question: Does this mean that there is a condition and there are the doubts? And all this lives inside me?

Answer: Yes, this is how we advance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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