A Book Is a System for Connecting to the Common Soul

209A book is a system for connecting a private soul to the common soul. That is, to what only exists in nature—to the entire system of the universe, to the entire common creation.

The shattering of the common creation happened on purpose so that we disconnect from it and begin to connect on our own, because in the process of connecting, we begin to adapt ourselves to this common system, the Creator, to correct, and to demand changes.

By going through correction upon ourselves, we begin to understand what kind of system we once existed in, and then we were specifically disconnected from it and thrown out so that by gradually adapting to it, we would not only attain it, but also begin to manage it.

A book is a system of communication that achieves a gradual equilibrium, since communication is manifested in balancing properties. Just as in our world two interlocutors tune in to each other like a transmitter and receiver where there must be identical devices on both sides so that both understand each other, it is the same here: my soul must understand the system of the common soul.

If there are common properties between them, then to that extent I am connected with the common soul, the common creation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is a Book?” 3/13/11

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