The Pain of a Kabbalist

294.4Question: As a Kabbalist, you feel the world differently than an ordinary person. Do you feel the general pain when something happens to the world?

Answer: And what do I do every day? Telling everyone and everywhere how to come to a better life not in a tragic way but gently, smoothly, quickly, and comfortably.

I feel the pain that all of humanity may experience.

Question: But not the current one?

Answer: The current suffering is not pain compared to what may happen. It is so small that it is not even worth talking about it.

Of course it is suffering. Of course it is a great torment. You look at the screen and see skeletal children without food, without drink, without medication, dying from infectious diseases. You see drug addicts and depressed people. And is it better for the rest? Look at what they are messing around with, what are they doing in general?

But compared to what may happen during this period when correction is realized not in a good way, but in an evil way… Can you imagine how much humanity needs to be beaten in order for it to correct itself, to turn it into awareness, from awareness to consent, and from consent to realization?

But here, it is right away—take it and implement it. Easy. After all, if the majority is together, then everything is easy.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is the Pain of a Kabbalist?”

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