What Makes A Kabbalist Suffer

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Kabbalist suffers when he sees that the world lags behind in advancement toward unity, the revelation of the Creator, and perfect life. We are capable of doing it, we have all the conditions for it, but we ignore this opportunity and do not fulfill it. Thus, we cause various problems upon ourselves and bring suffering to the Creator.

A Kabbalist is the one who suffers the most exactly because he has reached the revelation of the Creator. After all, in relation to the world he is like a mother in relation to her children. The entire world is his Kelim, parts of his soul. While they are uncorrected, a Kabbalist suffers for them more than they suffer themselves.

Every person feels his personal egoism and suffers because his Kli (vessel, desire) is empty. However, a Kabbalist includes everyone. He wants to treat everyone with love and fill everyone with absolute goodness. However, people do not want it; they do not agree to unite and annul their egoism even a little, in order to create one big desire (Kli) which can be filled with the Light of Infinity.

A Kabbalist cannot correct the world; he can only suffer for it and wait until people will express some minimal readiness to advance. Certainly, most of all he feels for his students since their suffering is directed toward the goal. He cannot advance them artificially since it will harm them and hinder their development. Therefore, he talks with them at the level corresponding to theirs.

We study the authentic sources, and our connection with them determines how much we can receive from them. This is exactly what I reveal and not what I understand in my desire. I work with the collective need which arises in order to be revealed to everyone.
From Kabbalah for Beginners 12/13/2010, “Who Is a Kabbalist”

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  1. I thought the Kabbalists don’t suffer.
    They learn and study!? Don’t they?

    Please explain?

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