Mirror of a Soul

938.01Question: You tell us all the time: “Do not look at the faces of your friends, it is very distracting. All of them are your desires.” How does one look at them at all, how to connect them to me?

Answer: They are all part of you, as is the entire world. But since it once was shattered into pieces, now you feel everyone as separated from you, distant, and opposite. If you assemble these pieces, you will see how an image appears inside them.

What does “image” mean? Qualities! Not the face and body, but the qualities of mutuality, love, bestowal, and adhesion. This is the Creator. You create Him yourself; you mold Him by connecting your shattered qualities within yourself. That is all, there is nothing else. Nothing exists outside of you. Everything is yours and everything is just you.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mirror Of a Soul” 10/4/12

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