What Awakens People During the Holidays?

284Question: There are certain periods when a person awakens by himself, and when he is awakened by the system. Holidays and Saturdays (Shabbat) seemingly come from the system. Surely something happens to a person after all, right?

Answer: If a person is in the spiritual world, yes, and if he is in our world, then this is psychology. Let’s send you to a desert island and see how you will distinguish the days of the week there, you will count the days and nights like Robinson Crusoe.

Question: As a result, does everything depend on a person’s opinion?

Answer: Of course! No more than that. Because in the spiritual world, these are just the stages of your personal spiritual development. Let’s say you are in your spiritual attainment on Sunday, I am on Thursday, and he is on Tuesday. That’s all.

The corporeal part of holidays is determined by people in our world! If they think about the same thing, they attract a certain light upon themselves. That is, they express light in themselves, a general movement that already influences everyone else. Just as in our world, we know that if a great number of people think about something, it influences the rest, and they will also think in the same way.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Days When Miracles Happen” 10/7/12

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