Merging Into One Drop

275Question: If the masses do not go through the same sensations as people with the point in the heart, do they lose something or is their perception a result of the entire movement?

Answer: When the masses come together, they begin to work harmoniously.

Question: But people with the point in the heart experience an entire set of sensations and impressions that give breadth of vision, a completely different perception. How do the masses receive this?

Answer: They receive this by connecting to people with the point in the heart and creating one unified system between them. Therefore, their perception becomes the same as in one single organism.

Then there is such a connection between them and they reach such an adhesion when all the difference disappears between all the billions of these particles. All communication lines disappear, and they become one common whole, the way water drops merge into one.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who Is Superman?” 10/5/12

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