Based on Harmony with Nature

715Coming closer to each other and the property of our commonality will give us the opportunity to connect with nature and see that we can use its laws in a completely different way. This will be a completely new discovery for us.

The sciences will be based not on man’s opposition to nature, but on the interaction with it, on harmony. This is a different mind, different desires, different thoughts, and completely different discoveries.

Modern science and current technology will completely step aside. They are in crisis because they are a manifestation of our egoism. We treat nature egoistically and from this, we create our sciences.

When we are in harmony with it, we will reveal it completely differently. We will not have physics, chemistry, geology, and astrology separately, but there will be one science about nature, which is called Kabbalah. Then we will be able to do great things, something that our ancestors, who were not yet so far removed from nature, partially were able to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mysterious Civilizations of the Past” 5/25/12

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