When Past Motives Stop Working

272Comment: Until a person overcomes financial dependence on material work, it is very difficult for him to adjust to spiritual work. He can agree with you from afar: “Yes, you are saying an interesting thing, but I have a salary and I feel very good.”

My Response: I do not think that the financial channel should be closed. A person will have everything. Why not? I see that these guys who run around and break windows in the suburbs of London, Madrid, and Paris. They do not look like they are weakened from lack of food. All of them have mobile phones sticking out of their pockets.

Where do you see that this person is suffering from hunger? This is a hunger of a completely different type, an informational one. A person is lost. He does not know why he exists. He wants to know the meaning of life!

When he had a job, he had everything: a family, a house, a car, a vacation. He lived like an animal in a stall. He led a normal existence and looked at the world and saw I am like everyone else. In accordance with this, there was the appropriate culture, propaganda, brainwashing, and everything else.

And suddenly everything turned around with no school, lack of clarity as to what kind of work there is, no one getting married or starting a family. That is, everything turned toward an unclear direction.

Past motives: study, work, career achievement, money, home, family, children, car, retirement, health care—everything stopped working. The inner desires of a person have changed: “Now you will not buy me with this.” The desire disappears. “I will work, do something, out of necessity. I do not want to rush somewhere, fight to be an assistant professor or a successful person.”

These ideals are slowly fading away.

This is on the one hand. On the other hand, you cannot give people jobs anyway! You cannot think of anything for them!

Suppose, with the help of the media, you will specifically incite a movement in them toward universities, knowledge, specialization, and so on! And then what?

They will demand: “Give me a job!” So, it is better to calm them down somehow. Therefore, everything is lost. We are moving toward the fact that people will be unemployed, but they will not be considered as such since this will become a normal state.

A person moves into another area of work, the spiritual one. This work is in connection with each other, constant learning, communication, creation of a single human mass, a single community, and mutual guarantee. A person will be engaged in this.

Feeding yourself will not be a problem! Today 3% of Americans feed the whole of America and half of the rest of the world. If they were not paid extra for producing less, they would cover everyone with their agricultural goods. So, everything is completely different from what we think!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. If You Lost Your Job” 3/13/14

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