To What Does the Cessation of the Growth of Egoism Oblige Us?

115.06Question: It is believed that all revolutions in the world proceed according to a certain plan. Special services under the guise of terrorists attack somebody. Is there any limit to this technique?

Answer: What difference does it make in what form this is determined in our world? Hot spots are everywhere. So many weapons have  amassed that we do not know what to do. A man can make anything at home.

The point is not in the instruments of murder and not in the reason but in the fact that it is necessary in order to further implement the program of creation in a bad or good way. Which way exactly? It is only about that.

The world is following the path of unification anyway. You cannot get away from it. The problem is only in the extent to which it understands that it must reach this and contribute to this, to this extent the path becomes better. If the world does not understand, then it is punished, like a child, until it understands.

We are in a state where we can already explain this idea to the world, and we are explaining it. I think that we do it more or less successfully and at a good pace. At least we see how it works. The world is beginning to understand that it has nowhere to go; it is beginning to feel that new, completely unusual changes are taking place in people, that their egoism has stopped growing.

For the first time in the entire history of not only mankind but the existence of the universe, which developed from a small egoistic nucleus to the planets of the solar system (and this was constantly accompanied by the development of our ego), egoism has suddenly stopped growing by itself.

It began to become round and to connect, and to demand from people that they become the same as the rest of nature, all parts of which are in harmony with each other. And man is not in this state, not among themselves or with nature.

Therefore, all of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that surrounds us is driving us to do this now. For the first time in the universe, in the entire world, egoism, which has lately been constantly growing exponentially, has reached some gently sloping line and has begun to become round. It is no longer growing, but it obliges us to become integrally interconnected in mutual guarantee.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. USA, Intelligence Agencies, Conspiracy” 3/10/13

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